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Research Partnership Aims to Put Mattress Waste to Bed

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A new partnership is aiming to forge a more sustainable approach to mattress design and disposal, tackling the estimated 600,000 mattresses disposed of in Scotland each year.



Zero Waste Scotland, Scotland’s circular economy experts, and the National Bed Federation (NBF) are to work together on a three-year research project to increase mattress recycling and encourage more sustainable design.



The partnership will see the organisations design a proposed Extended Producer Responsibility scheme for mattresses in Scotland, under which manufacturers and retailers are responsible for the stewardship of their product in a way that discourages wasteful disposal. Such schemes encourage producers to design products that last longer, are easy to repair, and are recyclable when they reach the end of their usable life.

该伙伴关系将使这些组织为苏格兰的床垫设计一个拟议的扩展生产者责任计划,根据该计划,制造商和零售商应以防止浪费性处置的方式负责其产品的管理。 这种方案鼓励生产商设计使用寿命更长,易于维修且在使用寿命到期时可回收的产品。


Iain Gulland, Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland, said:

零废物苏格兰首席执行官Iain Gulland说:

“The scale of mattress waste in Scotland is staggering, with close to three quarters of a million mattresses disposed of in Scotland each year.



“We understand that less than 1% are being collected for recycling. That represents a huge waste of the materials and labour that went into making those mattresses in the first place, as well as a lost opportunity to recover valuable materials such as steel and natural and synthetic fibres that could be reprocessed into new products and materials.”

“我们了解到只有不到1%的资源被回收利用 首先,这代表了制造这些床垫所需的材料和劳力的巨大浪费,同时也失去了回收有价值的材料(例如可以重新加工成新产品和材料的钢,天然和合成纤维)的机会。


What’s more, the planet-heating gases generated in the production of mattresses that were disposed of in Scotland in 2017 were equivalent to those emitted by 25,000 cars driving on our roads for a year – or more than 7,000 flights around the world.



Editor’s Notes


In 2016 there were 8 million mattresses sold in the UK, of which 93.5% were bought to replace old mattresses ready to be disposed of. Scotland represents 8.2% of the UK population and hence 8.2% of the mattress disposal. This calculation does not take into account Scotland’s larger tourist accommodation sector or other factors.

2016年,英国共售出800万张床垫,其中93.5%的床垫是用来替换准备处置的旧床垫的。 苏格兰占英国人口的8.2%,因此占床垫处置的8.2% 此计算未考虑到苏格兰较大的旅游住宿部门或其他因素。


Of the mattresses in use in Scotland in 2017, nearly 90% were in households.



Mattresses are one of the most commonly flytipped items in Scotland. In Zero Waste Scotland’s recent survey, Evidence Review of Flytipping Behaviour (2017), 31% of people who had witnessed a small-scale flytipping incident said a mattress was among the items dumped.

床垫是苏格兰最常见的物品之一。 在苏格兰零废物组织(Zero Waste Scotland)最近的一项调查中,“倾倒行为证据回顾”(2017年)中,有31%的人目睹了一次小规模的倾倒事件,他们说倾倒的物品是床垫。