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Gold Bond adds hybrid line at retails from $2,499 to $2,999

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Independent bedding producer Gold Bond has expanded its Smart Luxury Series with the Smart Hybrid Series. The success of the Smart Luxury Series prompted retailers to ask for a competitively priced hybrid mattress collection that features Gold Bond’s signature materials, officials said. The result was a two-model product line priced to retail from $2,499 to $2,999 in queen.

独立的床上用品生产商Gold Bond已将其Smart Luxury系列扩展为Smart Hybrid系列 官员们说,“智能豪华系列”的成功促使零售商要求以具有价格竞争力的混合床垫系列为特色,该系列采用了Gold Bond的签名材料。 结果是两款产品的零售价格从皇后时代的2499美元到2999美元不等。


The Smart Hybrid Series includes two SKUs: the 3000 and 4000. Each mattress features Leggett & Platt’s Bolsa unit with Quantum Edge coils to provide consumers an innerspring mattress that is comfortable, supportive, durable and American made. The pre- compressed coils create a firm surface that makes the mattress more responsive to movement and helps lessen partner disturbance. The collection includes 1,057 encased coils and 1,386 nanocoils on both sides for more than 3,800 coils.

Smart Hybrid系列包括两个SKU:3000和4000。每个床垫均配有Leggett&Platt的Bolsa装置和Quantum Edge线圈,可为消费者提供舒适,支撑,耐用和美国制造的内弹簧床垫。 预压缩的线圈可形成坚固的表面,使床垫对运动更敏感,并有助于减少伴侣的干扰。 该系列包括1057个线圈和两侧的1386个纳米线圈,可容纳3800多个线圈。


The collection also incorporates a 1.8-pound density ultra-cell design. The 3000 model features gel-infused memory foam with a 13-inch profile, and the 4000 model features protein-free Vytex latex with a 15-inch profile. Shown in a white organic quilted cover, each double-sided mattress features a contrasting taped edge with a charcoal and black border.

该系列还采用了1.8磅密度的超电池设计。 3000型具有13英寸轮廓的凝胶注入记忆海绵,而4000型具有15英寸轮廓的无蛋白质Vytex乳胶。 每张双面床垫均以白色有机缝床单显示,带有对比色的胶带边缘和木炭和黑色边框。


“Our brand has always done well by staying in close touch with our retail partners and it’s important that we deliver products tailored to their needs,” said Robert Naboicheck, president of Gold Bond. “Consumers are looking to invest in their sleep, and our Smart Hybrid Series provides them with the best option on the market with its affordable pricing and quality components. We’re committed to giving our retailers a luxurious sleep product that offers the same Gold Bond quality at an unbeatable price.”

Gold Bond总裁Robert Naboicheck表示:“与零售合作伙伴保持密切联系,我们的品牌一直做得很好,我们提供符合他们需求的量身定制的产品非常重要。” “消费者希望在睡眠上进行投资,我们的Smart Hybrid Series凭借价格合理的价格和优质的组件为他们提供了市场上的最佳选择。 我们致力于为我们的零售商提供豪华的睡眠产品,以无与伦比的价格提供相同的Go